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What is Fisher's Quest?

Fisher's Quest is a game all about fishing for the mysteries in the sea. Everyone starts as a beginner and works their way up the ranks by collecting, salvaging, and crafting. The majority of the items you catch can be salvaged for parts that you can then use to craft new equipment and other collectibles. Craft higher tiers of equipment to catch the rarest mysteries of the deep. Players also have the option to convert their equipment and catchables to NFTs that have extra stat bonuses.

How do I Fish? (Game Controls)

  • Movement You can move the character around using the W (up), A (left), S (down), and D (right) keys on your keyboard.
  • Casting Press and hold the spacebar to bring up the power meter. Try to let go of the spacebar while the green line is the closest to the top for the strongest cast.
  • Reeling In Once your bobber is out in the water, wait a few seconds and the bobber will turn red to indicate that a fish is on your line. You can now use the spacebar to reel it in! But be careful, you can't just hold the spacebar in or the tension (red bar) will break your line. You will need to strategically let go of the spacebar at times to let the tension (red bar) relax. Do this until the green line is full and you'll receive your catch!
  • AFK Fish by leaving your bobber out on the water and you will slowly catch more things over time!

How do I Salvage My Catches?

  • Salvage Menu To access the Salvage Menu you must first find the salvage station on the map. Press E to interact and open the Salvage Menu. From within the menu you can select your catch and specify the number you want to drop off to be salvaged. There is no limit to how many you can drop off at one time. Once you hit submit a countdown will begin. Your salvaged Materials will be ready to claim at the end of the countdown.

How do I Craft?

  • Craft Menu To access the Craft Menu you must first find the crafting station on the map.
  • Using Materials Inside the Craft Menu you will see a list of your materials (if you don't have any yet, check out the Salvaging tips above). Click on a material to select it, and then click on a square in the crafting grid to drop it in. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with your selections and then press the Craft button below the grid. Keep in mind that your materials will be lost whether the craft is a success or a failure, so craft strategically!
  • Recipes in the game are all hidden by design. Catch, Salvage, and Craft to find them all!

What is an NFT?

NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, which is a fancy way of saying a unique, one-of-a-kind token that is stored on a blockchain. The NFT is stored on a blockchain and is tied to your personal blockchain wallet. Fisher's Quest utilizes the Theta Blockchain for all of our NFT assets.

Tiny Knight Games Tokens NFT contract: 0x866c363da6c3199286fbf4f2a558f34a35971514

How do I purchase NFTs in game?

Players have the option to convert their in-game equipment and catches to special NFTs that are stored on the Theta Blockchain. In order to purchase NFTs players will need Tfuel and have the following tasks done beforehand:

There was an error during my NFT creation.

All NFTs are generated and minted in real-time. While we have worked and continue to work to make this process as smooth and error-free as possible, understandably things do still go wrong from time-to-time. If something does go wrong during your NFT creation please contact us in Discord in the #support channel.

Can I still play without purchasing NFTs?

Absolutely! The base game is available so that everyone can fish, salvage, and craft.

How do I buy/sell NFTs with other players?

Currently NFTs are only collectibles. We have plans to implement a marketplace soon.

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